What is BECA Fest?

BECAfest is the department’s annual showcase of student work produced in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. Emulating Hollywood award shows, BECAfest includes a yearly theme (a guarded secret until the show), music, dynamic hosts and the award-winning work.

Entries are judged in categories as diverse as our students, including video, audio, screenwriting, radio, sound art and experimental video. Winners jump on stage to receive the coveted Becky Award and make their acceptance speeches.

BECAfest takes place in our high-definition television studio. These multitalented students not only star in the show. They produce and direct the presentation and create a live television broadcast simultaneously.

BECAfest is more than a terrific end-of-year celebration. It prepares students for the high standards of show business and provides perspective on how far they have come. It allows the public to experience the excellence that we strive to accomplish on a daily basis here in BECA.

—Jeff Jacoby

BECAfest 2022 Broadcast
BECAfest 2020 Broadcast
BECAfest 2019 Broadcast
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