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This is our student-created website providing a network for the Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) at SF State. Becamedia.net is the home of BECA content, including: KSFS Radio, State of Events, Under SF, SF State sports, BECAfest, and more. Check back regularly for fresh content and new features.

About BECA

The Department of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) is the largest and most influential program of its kind in the western U.S. BECA has taught some of the top names in broadcast journalism, entertainment television, and new media. BECA is an inclusive and diverse learning community that emphasizes the intersection of media theory and practice, mirroring the wide range of cultural, artistic, and scholarly interests in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Students get cutting-edge training in many areas, including TV, radio, podcasting, video production, audio production, sound art, aesthetics, multimedia, writing for and about media, law and regulation, performance, business, and media management.

Our new Marcus Hall building is home to one of the largest, cutting-edge radio, television, and multimedia production facilities in California. Studios are also equipped with state-of-the-art digital cameras and production equipment. Talent nurtured at San Francisco State University has gone on to entertain, inspire, and inform worldwide, garnering Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Drama Desk, Golden Globe, Grammy, Peabody, and Theatre World awards.


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