Jeff Jacoby: Faculty Advisor

Jacoby practices sound and radio arts, sound design, directing, producing, writing, and performing. Since 2006, Jeff has served as Professor of Media Arts in the Department of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) at San Francisco State University. In 1980, he founded Living Sound Productions, where for four decades he produced audio, radio, video, and film projects. He taught media production at Quinnipiac University, Real Art Ways, and the Media Arts Center in Connecticut, and hosted radio programs at KAOS (Olympia, WA), KBOO (Portland, OR), KMUN (Astoria, OR), WPKN (Bridgeport, CT), and WLNV (Derby, CT). Current projects include Sonic Dark Rides (immersive sound art installations), the upcoming podcast Into Sonic Space with Professor Noize, and collaborations with artists working in a variety of mediums. Jeff is a published author at Linkedin Learning, Creative Pro, and the Journal of Radio & Audio Media. His work has been recognized with an Emmy Award and two Emmy nominations, two Crystal Radios, five Broadcast Education Association Awards, and two CINÉ Golden Eagles, among other honors. His shows have been heard on PBS, NPR, commercial and community radio, and at art festivals such as South by Southwest, Black Maria, Festival du Film de Paris, and ASIFA-East. Jeff lives in San Francisco with his most frequent collaborator—visual artist Sharon Steuer.
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Mae Vidanez: General Manager

Mae Vidanez is the General Manager and resident silly little guy of KSFS. College radio and audio production has been a longtime passion of theirs, having done it since their first semester of college at WDCV-FM, then again at, and now with KSFS. Once they graduate, they hope to eventually worm their way through Hollywood and be able to direct the inevitable Hunger Games television adaptation. Off-campus they make coffee for a living and love filling every waking hour of their day consuming music and movies.

Joseph Foisy: Program Director

An ardent spreadsheet fan with a scary enthusiasm for the ins and outs of sitcom syndication rights, it’s no surprise that Joey Foisy was the only person to pitch for the Program Director position at KSFS this semester, but what might be surprising is his real lack of background in radio. Joey is a BECA senior set to graduate in May, and has primarily been focusing on video production, intending to obnoxiously barrel his way through the industry like a bull in a china shop until he can become a producer and help the people around him make their passion projects. Joey’s got a fondness for horror movies (especially when they aren’t scary), a long-burning love for anything with more than four legs, and a set of ears tuned to cheap, shitty hardcore projects. When he isn’t watching an entire season of an [adult swim] show he doesn’t even particularly like, he’s laying on his bed staring at his massive dog or commuting all the way from Brentwood.

Damaris Velazquez: Productions Manager

I’m Damaris (Mars) and I’m the Productions Manager for the KSFS Radio Station. I’m a 22 year old senior majoring in BECA and minoring in Business Administration. 3 facts about me are that I’m born & raised in LA, my favorite music genre is Disco, and my pronouns are they/them! Welcome to KSFS: embrace the chaos!







Benjamin Ruppert: Music Manager

Benjamin Ruppert is a singer, pianist, songwriter, composer, and producer. Having grown up in rural Oregon, he decided to escape homophobic death threats to come to the Bay Area at age 19. Since then, he’s spent 9 years in SF, a hellish 8 months back in Oregon, and now 5 years in Marin. He is a BECA student studying audio production, though he plans to go to grad school for psychology to become a therapist. Like most people, he loves good music, good food, and good conversation—though he has a definite tendency to isolate. He is shy, but if you see him say hi; he’s an open book once you get to know him. He has taken on the role of Music Manager for KSFS for the Fall 2021 semester and plans to organize the old library and begin getting new music into the station.


Daisy Yvette Bernal: Promotions Manager

My name is Daisy (Daze) and I’m the promotions manager here at KSFS. My pronouns are she/they and I’m a senior majoring in BECA with a minor in Latinx studies. I was born and raised in San Diego and I take a lot of pride in my family and community. On my free time I love to travel with my friends, I spend a lot of time between San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco! I decided to be apart of the KSFS managers to get out of my comfort zone and I’m really enjoying it.



Beatriz Rodriguez: Promotions Manager

Beatriz Rodriguez is very excited to be part of the promotions team for KSFS. She was always unsure of what her aspirations were up until she took a tv productions class at her community college. Rodriguez has done her fair share of trial and error to find out what she wants, but one thing is certain. She loves working in production groups and she loves radio.
Beatriz is aware of the potential she can achieve at SFSU and she is striving to achieve it.



William Carter: Promotions Manager

Bay Area born and raised William Carter grew up on the sounds of 2000’s R&B. He is a senior and one of three promotions directors for KSFS Radio at SF State and hopes to make an impact wherever he can!  He brings passion with him everywhere he goes and the energy he offers isn’t far behind. Ever since he stepped behind a mic, he’s had a passion for spreading his energy though the radio air waves and hopes to keep the ball rolling!



Myrka Morales: News Manager

Myrka Morales is the News Manager of KSFS. Born and raised in Fresno, CA., where her love for news began at the age of nine. Never missing an episode of World News with Diane Sawyer and  Primer Impacto, both news shows always playing in the background of her home. Passionate about storytelling from a young age, she’s been chasing her ~news world~ dream ever since.

Initially planning to become a news anchor, her recent discovery of her love for radio has changed her pursuits into a career in the radio industry.

When she’s not consuming news, she’s outdoors or obsessing over her Shih Tzu, Harold.

Sean Stewart: Communications Director

Having spent a good majority of his life behind a computer monitor and keyboard, Sean Stewart felt he would be an excellent fit as KSFS’ Communications Director this semester. He makes sure any and all external messages gets to the appropriate departments. He thinks he’s doing an excellent job so far. While radio is a medium Stewart is fairly new to, podcasts about video games and creative writing are something he has avidly listened to for years. This semester he hosts is own video game radio show “Limit Break on KSFS”. After graduating he hopes to work in games media and eventually the games industry as a writer. His favorite video games are Yakuza 0, Persona 5 Royal, and more recently Final Fantasy XIV. He also enjoys music from Weezer, Daft Punk, Melvins, and Mastodon.






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