BECA 559 is a sports reporting class that specializes skills and practices of television sports journalism including writing to visuals, sports field reporting, and interviewing athletes. The class provides insight into sports journalism and the technical aspects that apply to being a professional in the field. You will learn interpersonal communication, engineering, writing, and leadership skills.


BECA 559: LGO & Rollin Kings

BECA 559: A Historic Head Coach

BECA 559: Interview with San Jose Earthquakes’ Matt Bersano

BECA 559: Men’s Volleyball Package

BECA 559: Dance as a Sport

BECA 559: Power Soccer Package

Games Archive


SF State University vs. Stanislaus State

SF State vs Cal Poly Pomona Men's Soccer

SF State vs Cal State East Bay Pioneers


SF State vs Chico State Wildcats

SF State vs Art U

Dominican Vs Sonoma State


SF State VS Cal State East Bay

Cal State San Marcos vs SF State


SF State vs CSU San Bernardino

SF State vs Cal State East Bay Pioneers

SF State vs CSU Humboldt

Games Archive

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