9:30 AM The Loud. FMKSFS LoopStudio 64Fixing in PostKSFS Loop
10:00 AM The Bitter End
10:30 AM Salad Tosserstogetheronline : )
11:00 AM The Congregation of We-Stories from The Reverend LordRifaOn Air: Miles and LimeThe Playlists
11:30 AM Radical StaticFlower Talks
12:00 PM Ol Skool with a Side of TeaOn Air: Liv Haines
12:30 PM What If...Intro to Adventuring 101
1:00 PM The Lando Before TimeScratching the SurfaceKSFS Loop
1:30 PM KSFS LOOPKSFS LoopRed Cloud>
2:00 PM Chicanas AFThe Female Gaze
2:30 PM The Woohoo Rhymes Thru TymesYae Recall
3:00 PM Floaters
3:30 PM Limit Break on KSFSSomething SportyKSFS Loop
4:00 PM A Case of the MondaysThru the Magic Box
4:30 PM KSFS Loop
5:00 PM Neosouled RadioTumblr Raised MeChronic HourKSFS Loop
5:30 PM Experience Points
6:00 PM Pura VidaThe Traffic ReportGo Piss Girl
6:30 PM Small TalkKSFS Loop
7:00 PM
7:30 PM On Air: Jae MorgainGravedigger RadioLa CulturaBlack Hole Time Machine
8:00 PM KSFS Loop
8:30 PM
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