BECA Tutorial Series: Studio Camera


A quick tutorial on the operation and safe handling of studio cameras, as well as technical tips.

BECA Tutorial Series: Recorder


This tutorial familiarizes you with the Solid State Recorder (SSR), it’s buttons and how to transfer audio and video data from the SSD card onto your devic

BECA Tutorial Series: CGI Teleprompter


An introduction to the CGI teleprompter software, EZNews, used in studio 2. It also covers using the software and the ability to implementing graphics.

BECA Tutorial Series: Audio


This tutorial discusses different kinds of microphones, their uses and the best techniques for gathering superior sound bites.

BECA Tutorial Series: Switcher


This tutorial covers the switcher board and the functions of the preview and program bars.

BECA Tutorial Series: Lights


Tips on setting up different lighting scenarios and their various aesthetic effects.

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