Name Position Emphasis Office Hours Email Office # Phone #
John Barsotti Professor Audio Production Tue. & Thu. 6PM-7PM, Wed. 12PM-1PM CA 41 338-1507
Melissa Camacho Associate Professor TV Theory & Media Criticism Tue. 11AM-12:15PM, Wed. 12PM-1:45PM HUM 251 338-6526
Jiyoung Cha Assistant Professor Media Management & New Media Mon. 3:20PM-4:40PM, Wed. 3:20PM-5PM HUM 239 405-2621
Chris Clemens Assistant Professor Directing & Social Media Tue. 2:30PM-4PM, Wed. 1PM-2:30PM HUM 257 405-0922
Marie Drennan Associate Professor Writing & Social Media Mon. 1:30PM-3:30PM, Tue. 2PM-3PM, Wed. & Thu. 8:30AM-9AM (by appt.) HUM 247 338-1626
Oscar Guerra Assistant Professor Media Performance & Video Production Mon. 3:20PM-4:20PM, 4:20PM-5:20PM (by appt.), Tue. 2:15PM-3:15PM CA 39A email only
Dina Ibrahim Associate Professor Broadcast Journalism Wed. 1:30PM-2:30PM (by appt.) BH 261 338-1528
Jeff Jacoby Associate Professor Audio & Radio Tue. 2PM-2:30PM, Thu. 2:30PM-4PM (by appt.) CA 32 338-2772
Hamid Khani Professor Media Aesthetics & Creativity Tue. 2:10PM-4PM, Thu. 2:10PM-4PM (by appt.) HUM 345 338-1347
Scott Patterson Professor BECA Research Mon. 3:30PM-4:30PM (online), Tue. 11AM-12PM (by appt.), Wed. 12:30PM-2:30PM CA 34 338-6172
Piryaei Shabnam Assistant Professor Writing Wed. 11AM-1PM, Thu. 12:30PM-1:30PM (by appt.) HUM 261 338-1334
Vinay Shrivastava Professor Media Aesthetics Tue. 11AM-12PM (by appt.), 2PM-3PM, Wed. 3:30PM-5:30PM HUM 253 338-1430
Miriam Smith Associate Professor Media Management & Law Tue. 2PM-5PM HUM 255 338-1611
Lena Zhang Professor TV Field Production & Editing Tue. 2PM-3PM, Wed. 2PM-3PM, Thu. 2PM-4PM HUM 265 338-1780
Nancy “Sami” Reist Professor Department Chair Tue. & Thu. 11AM-12PM CA 133 338-2241
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