Macy Tolleson - General Manager


This is my 3rd semester in 505 and I’m incredibly excited to be GM. I have an incredible team of managers and am thrilled to see KSFS continue to make progress and push ourselves further into the public eye, while at the same time creating a fun and collaborative culture for everyone at the station. When I’m not managing the station, I’m usually hanging out with my boyfriend and dog, watching Netflix, or at my MMA gym.

Elijah Bañuelosn – Music Director



“The one and only.”



Je’nae Singh – Events Manager


Hi guys!

My name is Jenae (but you can call me Jae), and I’m the Events Production Manager! I’m a 4th year BECA student with a minor in journalism. I’m a die hard anime nerd, and constantly have a mini concert going on in my head with my beats on. 



Roy Garza – Sports Director

Hey y’all,

My name is Roy, and I’m a Senior in the BECA department working on my third semester at KSFS. I share the show ‘The Gas Station’ with my friend Seve, where  we show the audience, and each other, new music of  different genres each week. I love finding new music and sharing it with my friends, as well as talking about artists and why people choose to follow them. When I’m off the air, I like to skateboard, play video games, and hangout with friends. After graduating school, I have dreams of covering sports for the media business in the future

Paloma Abarca – Social Media / Communications Manager

Hola a todos!

My name is Paloma, and i’m a transfer student from San Diego pursuing my dreams at SF State (and at KSFS radio, of course).

Other than being the Social Media / Communications Manager at KSFS, I’m a coffee fanatic, driven by the sounds of electronic music, and striving to work in event production and radio.


Andy Dal Canto - Program Director

Hey y’all! it’s me, Andy. I’m super excited to be Program Director this semester and can’t wait to do all sorts of dope things for the station! Here are some fun facts about me:

1. I am a sucker for all things vintage/retro (I particularly love 60’s Mod). I also heavily advocate for the preservation of older media.

2. I am a music junkie! You can find me spinning my faves like The Buttertones, The Kinks, and Doja Cat all the time! 

3. I cohost @aaonksfs with my lovely cohost, Alf. We deep dive into various genres every week, and explore our feels on air.

Billy Cruz - News Manager

Wsup y’all! I’m Billy Cruz, and I’m 1/2 of the news managers for KSFS radio. Here are three lil facts about me:

            1. I’ve written news pieces for NPR, and local stations like KCBS and KQED
            2. I got too many hobbies – I love skating, doing puzzles, juggling, cooking, dancing, making music, reading city council meeting agendas, and so much more…
            3. I have a soft spot for pop/rock music that would be played on the radio in the early 2000s, and punk music that would be played at Gilman in the 1990s.

What up!  My name is Daniel aka D, at KSFS.  I am the Productions and Operations Manager for the station.  Here are a couple of facts about ya boy!

            1. I host @hellaperreo on Tuesdays from 7-8 PM, a show where we talk about the history and slang of Reggaetón as well as highlight the different artists of the genre.  
            2. Born and raised in the Bay Area, 415!  But I have lived in a few different states.
            3. I’m Latino and love Chipotle, drag me!  It’s something in the chicken, but I’ve worked at two different Chipotle’s.

When you see me say wussup and tell me what you’re listening to!  Y que siga el perreo!


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