Paloma Abarca - General Manager

Paloma Abarca here! General Manager @ KSFS Radio. I’m looking forward to y’all seeing what KSFS Radio is about in this virtual age. If COVID-19 wasn’t a thing, I’d be traveling all around The Bay area, getting from point A to B, and enjoying every second of the experience; public transportation, headphones in, people watching, running into friends, easily going into a coffee shop. We got some cool s*** coming! Stay tuned.


Lorenzo Alexander - Music Director

Hey there KSFS, I’m Lorenzo from the Music Department! I’m stoked to be a part of the radio station. Outside of school, I love to write songs, collect records, read and skate around SF. If the current COVID situation were different, I would love to play shows and travel. 🙂 Happy listening!

Je’nae Singh – Social Media Manager


Hi guys!

My name is Jenae (but you can call me Jae), and I’m the Social Media Manager! 





Big Yaya - Events Manager

Why, hello there! I’m Big Yaya and I am the KSFS Events Manager. I am excited to hang out with you rad cats this semester! On top of being a full-time student, I work in Veterinary Cardiology sales and social media here in Sacramento, and I’m one of the hosts of Sex On Air. If it wasn’t for COVID, this summer I would have been traveling the states and Europe. Instead, I’ve been able to spend time on the waters here in NorCal on my paddleboard with my partner, Chobo, and our adorable and spoiled teacup chihuahua, Roxy. Come join me and the KSFS staff for some stellar virtual events this semester!



Hey y’all! My name is Arman and I am one of your Music Directors for the semester!I’m so stoked and blessed to be part of the KSFS Family! When not working for the radio station, I am a professional musician and Sound Designer. If it wasn’t for COVID, I would be travelling all around Europe immersing myself in culture, good food, historic sites, and music.



Andy Dal Canto - Program Director

Hey y’all, Andy here! I am the Program Director for KSFS… again! I’m happy to be back this semester as PD and cannot wait to save Radiologik for the 1000th time. I usually work live events, but have settled for just one job at the moment at a cozy bookstore. If it wasn’t for COVID I would be at a ton of concerts having a great time with my buds. If you wanna keep up with my creative projects and other crazy shenanigans you can find me on ig @andy.bandie Cheers!


Billy Cruz - News Manager

Wsup yall!

I’m Billy Cruz and I’m the news manager for KSFS. I’ve been writing and recording radio pieces for Bay Area news outlets since I was a kid but right now my focus is on informing my fellow college students. I know news media is so messy right now, hopefully the news nerds at KSFS can make things make sense again.





Ibory Elizabeth - Assistant General Manager

Yo Yo Yo, It’s Ya Girl SusieP (aka)

Ibory Elizabeth the Assistant General Manager of KSFS Radio. I am a 3rd year Spring 2019 transfer student from Los Angeles SouthWest College, with a AA in Teacher Prep. Hailing from Baldwin Village (aka) The Jungles, on the West Side of South Central Los Angeles California. I am Black & Honduran ( Afro- Latina) from Trujillo Honduras. I am a BECA Major with emphasis in Radio and Broadcasting. I look forward to the cool events we have coming up as well as getting to know you all a little bit better. I’m a down to earth, Cancer Zodiac, open minded, loving being of service who is also the President of BRUH at SFSU. I’m also a GHG Ambassador at SFSU, I am apart of GSP among many other boards here on campus. If it wasn’t for Covid-19 I would still be here at SFSU going to class and doing my live radio show at our radio station. Keep your head to the sky and know each day we arise is God/Jesus way of allowing us another chance to be the awesome beings he created… Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Fearless & Make Noise… P.S. Follow Me @iboryelizabeth



Angie Santos - Assistant Social Media Manager

Hey Gators!

I’m Angie Santos and I am a part of the social media team for KSFS this semester! Outside of school I am a Barista, Server and Cheerleading coach! I enjoy listening to underground music from artists all over the world!! If it wasn’t for COVID I would definitely be enjoying San Francisco with my Boyfriend and Best friends! I hope you enjoy some podcasts this year from KSFS Radio 🙂




Greetings and salutations fellow carbon based lifeforms.

My name is Teo and I am a programming (and previously productions) manager here at KSFS Radio. What do I do you might ask? Well we’re all still figuring that out during these trying times, but my goal is to ensure that our station is broadcasting the amazing shows and content our fabulous students produce. My own endeavors in audio and radio have turned me into a sonic storyteller and podcast producer. If you desire some sound based assistance I encourage you to reachout to myself or any of the other lovely managers here at KSFS. And remember, happiness is mandatory, birds aren’t real and Embrace the Chaos!


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