Alex Kalpaoff – General Manager

Alex Kalpakoff is a Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts student practicing sound design, audio production, and radio production at San Francisco State University. Alex is the host of Hammer Smashed Airwaves on KSFS Radio. He was the host of MADE to Play, a historical video podcast in partnership with The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment; a nonprofit, interactive video game museum preserving some of our oldest video games for future generations. He was also a contributing sound designer and lead voice over artist for Dash Quasar, a Best Student Game Award nominee at the 2018 Video Game Awards.

Christina Seruge & Arman Golemohammadi – Program Directors

Christina Seruge

Christina was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She has professional experience in radio production and began creating content when she was in elementary school. She’s passionate about music, culture and loves the Bay. Christina will be graduating this May with an emphasis in Journalism. She embraces her cultural roots, Palestinian and Saladorean, and loves to bring her culture and identity onto the airwaves.  When she’s not in school, or working she’s hanging out with family, friends and her dogs. Tune into her show, Humpday Happy Hour, every Wednesday from 1-3pm for good talk, music, diversity, and artist interviews!


Arman Golemohammadi


I like to listen to music and talk about it.





Elijah Bañuelos- Operations Manager


The one and only.




Eric Estrada – Production Manager
I was born and raised in San Francisco. I started as a live sound engineer at a local church. After listening to radio for years, I thought to combine my engineering background with my hobby, music. When I realized, I liked the idea of being on a radio show and entertaining people, I began pursuing a radio career. My passion for radio grew over time, and my first project was helping a blind friend produce and engineer a sports talk show and an afternoon drive time talk show. Most recently, I am the production manager of San Francisco State University’s radio station, KSFS Radio. I also co-created and currently produce an independent hip-hop music show, known as Da MaddHouze on K.P.O.O 89.5 FM San Francisco.

Thailr Winters & Anthony Vigna – Music Managers

Thailr Winters

Thailr Winters is the Music Manager at KSFS Radio and host of “Rhyme of Reason” under her alias Kola Kaine. Her show focuses on various issues within pop culture & features a musical rotation that is a favorite amongst KSFS listeners. When she’s not hosting her own show or managing the station, you can catch Thailr performing Spoken Word poetry in the city, writing for artists or hiking in the forest. Tune in to Rhyme of Reason every Saturday from 3-5 pm only on KSFS Radio.



Anthony Vigna

Anthony Vigna is the assistant music director at KSFS Radio, where he helps manage the both the station’s physical and digital libraries as well as overseeing the station’s sound. Additionally, Tony hosts “The Playlist” every Tuesday from 5-7pm a show based on discussing and ranking songs each week, as well as commenting on the latest in music and the world around it. Tony became passionate about music in his teens, specifically enjoying the social aspects of music culture, taking joy in discussing records and artists with friends. Through these avenues he developed a love of various genres; rock, blues, punk, hip-hop, pop, indie/alternative, soul and electronic music.


Christopher Robin – News Director

News Director Christopher Robin has had a passion for radio news and issue oriented discussion since he got his first battery operated radio at age 8, and would listen under his pillow to late night LA market talk shows with such hosts as Hilly Rose, Ron “the night owl” McCoy, and Ray Bream.
He has explored a wide range of viewpoints, and although he currently leans Progressive left, he did actually support Ronald Regan during much of his Presidency. His emphasis for this semester will be coverage of local and college oriented stores.



Ryne Williams – Sports Manager

What’s up everybody, my name is Ryne Williams, and I’m an avid sports fan, and current SF State basketball player. I’m 7 foot tall, and yes, I do mind if you ask me how tall I am. I am a BECA student, and I’m originally from the Los Angeles area. I am a die hard Lakers and Dodger fan, but please don’t hold it against me. In my free time, I love to adventure, go on road trips, watch sports, and find new music to listen to. Tune in to my show Sports Talk from 6:30pm -8:30pm, for the latest happenings from around the sports world.


Cassidy Wittman – Promotions Manager

I’m a 23 year old BECA student with my emphasis in radio. I host my own podcast called “The Uncomfort Zone” and am constantly helping out in the KSFS station. When I’m not venting into a mic, I’m working at Trader Joe’s or obsessing over my dog.




Macy Tolleson- Events Manager

I’m going into my 2nd year as a transfer and love this department. As well as being a full time student, I work at Millennial Women Inc. a startup up media group as their Events Director Intern. I’m passionate about empowering woman in the media industry and I have a podcast called The F Word which explores the diverse dynamics of modern feminism. Outside of school, I work as a personal trainer and compete in powerlifting. In my free time, I love going on adventures with my boyfriend and dog and going to A’s games.




Abby Aguilar – Social Media Manager

Hey y’all! I’m Abby Aguilar otherwise known as DJ AbbyAyeee. I am a San Diego native, now residing in the Bay Area. I am the voice of The AfterParty here on KSFS radio as well as social media manager for spring 2019. Outside of KSFS I work in radio promotions for all Cumulus Media stations and intern with Oakland’s Women Sound Off FKA Women in Music. In my free time I like to DJ, mix music, and collect vinyls.  After graduation I plan on continuing my career in the radio/music industry and working my way up to become the future voice of L.A.’s Power 106.